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Twisting and winding
Like water, like earth

Silver, this seeping fire
Like moon and like hearth

Drowning in air,
That their bones shall not break,

Yet slashing and screaming
The deadliest ache

For intertwined like boughs
Limp now are their limbs

When stars have risen
And all else is dim

Save for desperate breaths
And flesh burning

Nothing spoken
But a silent yearning

And the pulsing of light
Streaking weeping skies

Did echo in unison
All of the night cries

And when tired, they ceased
Descending from light to dark

Yet still, night mirrored instruments  

A symphony, hark

The owls and crickets
Sing in numbers not to be named

All privy to love and wonders
And hearts that she hath tamed

They are consumed then too
Whispering with heavy eyes

When the world ends on twilight
And waits for sunrise